Property Kaamos Kinnisvara

Responsibility for every single detail

Kaamos develops and builds its properties itself, because this allows us to control the entire process from start to finish and thereby guarantee the desired results. We always consider the requests of our clients – from the idea of buying a home or renting an office to the handover of keys.

We value our time and the time of our clients and we are fast, reliable and accurate in our work. We want our clients to always feel they can rely on us, no matter what the situation.


Hõbemetsa Residential Area – Rehe 8
Rehe 8, Tallinn

2 new houses will be completed on February 2018.
Hõbemetsa Residential Area – Rehe 1
Rehe 1, Tallinn

New building due for completion in autumn 2017 with 29 apartments.
Rohu Quarter
Lible 2/4/6, Tallinn

The last 2 apartments in Stage 1. The Stage 2 will be completed in June 2017.
Merimetsa Residential Area
Merimetsa 123, Pärnu
Kaupmehe Residences
Kaupmehe 19/21/23, Tallinn