Vahtramäe has plenty of space to grow. No one is restricted by four walls of their home here. Home also includes the yard and the garden, the playground and the sports track, the park and sledge hill, the local forest and the local river. Grow in happiness, reach up as high as you want.


Vahtramäe is a place of own people. The neighbour's children and children from the neighbouring house. A grandma from the neighbouring house and a cake that she baked. Friends and companions on the playground, at a swimming training and in the fitness club. A close-knit community which cares, because everything belongs to everybody.

You will be able to choose personal and original interior of your apartment from one of the three stylistically different packages created by interior architects of Arhitekt11. By choosing your preferred option you can be sure that no matter which solution you prefer, it will ideally suit the surrounding, and that every little detail will be perfectly thought through.

Comfortable homes

In Vahtramäe life is calm and pleasant. Children go to school and trainings on their own. Friends train in the fitness club and jog along the running track together. Every apartment includes a spacious balcony, a box-room and a utility room. A parking place is provided for the car.

Best place for sports

Sports tracks, ball game grounds, a stadium, a park, a swimming pool and a new tennis centre are located just by the doorstep. Children of any age will find a suitable bigger or smaller playground.

Convenient shopping close to home

Hypermarkets and supermarkets, food and household goods stores, garden equipment and construction materials, car spare parts stores and repair shops – everything required for life just a few minutes away from home.

High-level education and hobby groups

Kindergartens, schools, hobby groups and sports facilities are located in the vicinity of the home, so that children can move independently and parents have more time.

Fast connection with the city centre and the country house

Frequent bus and train connection with the city centre and a possibility to quickly and conveniently reach one’s country house or parents’ house anywhere in Estonia.