Quality based on experience

The team of Kaamos Ehitus have over 15 years of experience in building quality homes in the Estonian climate. We have built economical apartment buildings, large office buildings and complete residential areas.

We have qualified engineers, the Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance certificates ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 14001-2015 and licences related to construction activitie

The apartment buildings of Iltre 1, 3, 9 and 11 and Redise 16 and 18 are in energy class B. (Older buildings Iltre 2 and 4 and Vae 11 and 13 are in energy class C).

Foundation: The buildings have been built on shallow foundation made of reinforced concrete.

Insulated outer walls: The outer walls made of hollow concrete blocks are insulated with a 250 mm thick polystyrene foam. The house gets its final touch from differently colored plaster.

Noise-reducing interior walls: The apartments are separated with 240 mm thick hollow concrete block walls filled with concrete. The internal plaster walls are on a metal frame and have been filled with wool insulation. The storage units are separated with plywood walls fastened to a wooden frame.

Inserted ceilings and roof ceilings: The load-bearing inserted ceilings and roof ceilings are made of mountable hollow reinforced concrete blocks that are supported by hollow concrete block walls.

Wide staircases: The floors are connected by reinforced concrete stairs and covered with ceramic tiles. The staircases have steel borders and a wooden handrail.

Every apartment has a balcony or terrace: A spacious view opens from the balconies with wooden or metal borders and a PVC-cover.

Climate appropriate roof: The roofs are covered with SBS that tolerates our climate very well. The rainwater is directed into drainage via internal runoff.

Insulated windows: The inward opening (German type) triple glazed PVC-windows keep the warmth in and reduce noise.

Safe doors: The apartment has smooth veneer doors and a noise-reducing veneered outer door. The main door is made of metal profiles and it has a safety glass and an entryphone.

Cozy finishing: The walls and ceilings have been leveled and painted with calm and light tones. There is a 3-strip oak parquet on the floors and ceramic tiles on the hall floor. False ceilings are in sanitary rooms and partly in other rooms as well.

Bathroom and toilet: The bathrooms include an acrylic bath or a shower, a sink and a toilet bowl. The floor and walls are covered with ceramic tiles. (The toilet walls are painted, except for the flushing cistern bowl inside the wall.) Sanitary ceramics is white and sanitary equipment has a chrome finishing.

Economical heating system: Heat comes from district heating. Water underfloor heating warms the apartments and public rooms. There are also radiators in the halls of storage units.

Safe entryphone: There is a panel with call buttons on the outer door of the house and an entryphone with a door-opening button in every apartment. It is possible to connect communication devices in every room of the apartment.

Practical storage unit: Every apartment comes with a storage unit on the building’s first floor.

Utility room: Inside every apartment is a utility room with connections to the water supply and sewerage for the washing machine.

Comfortable parking: Car can be parked in the courtyard. Every apartment has two parking spaces.

Parking lot with a barrier: Between residential houses is a parking lot with a barrier which opens with a remote and keeps away unauthorized people.

Mechanical ventilation: The building has mechanical ventilation implemented with highly energy efficient devices. Ventilation devices are located in the utility rooms. It is possible to connect a kitchen hood in every apartment and the exhaust air is directed straight to the roof.

Water supply and sewerage: The essential warm water is produced in heating network. Cold and hot water meters are installed behind the false ceilings at apartment halls, or to the sanitary rooms. The water usage is automatically recorded in a remote reading device.

Electricity: All the necessary has been installed: sockets, switches, floor heating regulators and bathroom and common room lights. Electricity meters are located in the electrical cabinet.

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