Kaamos Group is a domestic capital based group that has for the past 15 years successfully operated in the field of real estate development and investment, the timber industry and construction. We employ more than 400 people. The group benefits from strong financial standing: in 2017 the group’s turnover was € 70 mill, balance sheet total € 150 mill, and equity capital € 88 mill.

Flexible solutions. 

Kaamos develops and builds its own real estate, enabling consideration for customer wishes throughout the process from planning to completion of a real estate project thought through to the last detail.

Valuable real estate. 

Next to the Vahtramäe quarter in Laagri city district, Kaamos Group’s recent real estate projects include the naturally beautiful Hõbemetsa residential district; Grand Gonsior, providing for the conveniences and quality of life of the city center; the cozy Rohu quarter in Kalamaja district; Kakumäe residencies by the sea; fashionable Jaama residencies in the heart of the city district of Nõmme; and Tammsaare Business Center, Estonia’s largest office building. The grandiose Avala business environment is currently under development.

Elegant home in the heart of the City – THE SALE HAS BEGUN
The first-class building was created for those who value historical atmosphere and minimalism.
Private, cosy homes nestled between Nõmme and Haabersti.