Thriving community school and kindergartens.

Laagri city district features a highly valued thriving community school where parents become active participants in school life. Kindergartens, close by to any home here, boast large outside areas for lots of outdoor running and playing fun. There is no need to travel far from home for kinds who engage in extracurricular activities - Laagri Hobby School is located conveniently close by, offering a wide range of activities from music to sports to technology.

Excellent for sports lovers.

In Laagri city district sports are valued high, with great opportunities set up for exercise. Enjoy the exhilaration of exercise and sports all year round, outdoors and indoors, with family and friends. The community pays mind to the fact that residents here exercise a lot and drivers, for example, adopt a respectful attitude towards roller skaters and cyclists.

From yoga to soccer.

Living in Vahtramäe, you’ll have no excuses not to exercise. Laagri Sports Building provides for the gym, group training, and ball games. A full-size soccer stadium and a 25-meter swimming pool all stand close to home. The Tennis Center welcomes children and adults and also serves as a venue for Pilates and yoga classes. There is a go-kart center at the parking lot of Maksimarket shopping mall and disc golf parks are situated in Saue and Nõmme.

Familiar woods and health tracks.

Vahtramäe residents can take their pick among hiking trails and exercise tracks. Nõmme Sports Center, surrounded by a beautiful pine forest, provides for exercise options ranging from an outdoor swimming pool to skiing tracks. The Laagri-Padula-Saue cycle and pedestrian track is ideal for jogging, cycling, and roller skating. Venture into the woods or Pääsküla Bog, while kids as well as parents with strollers keep busy in Jõekääru Park, right outside your front door in Laagri.

Family physicians and massage center.

Active exercise and spending time outdoors ensures strong health; nevertheless, Vahtramäe residents benefit from close-by medical care in a family physician center in Laagri where four family physicians and a number of deputy doctors look after their health. Massaaži Ekspress provides a range of different massages and physiotherapy services.

Shopping near your home.

All of the stores and shopping malls you’ll need are right here close at hand. For your daily shopping needs visit Laagri Rimi, Maksimarket, Comarket, or Pääsküla Selver. Selver will also open a new location in the shopping center to be opened between Laagri train station and Pärnu Maantee highway. For construction and garden goods to furnish and decorate your home visit Laagri Bauhof, Hortes, and Lahe Roos.

Convenient and fast transportation.

Enjoy convenient public transportation to the city center - a short walk to the train or bus stop will take but a few minutes, while buses and trains run at short intervals until late in the evening. Drive out of the city quickly, without being stuck traffic jams, venturing into Southern Estonia by way of a renovated roundabout.

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