Upholds and nurtures values.

The green Vahtramäe districts is located far enough from the hustle and bustle of the city center, yet conveniently close to Laagri center. Everything you need is at an arm’s reach, while the advantages of a capital city life are but a few minutes’ drive/ride away. The urban region once situated just outside of Tallinn’s border, is becoming more and more adjoined with the city and your home will only increase in value as time passes.

Freedom to develop and create.

Vahtramäe is a safe and highly valued place of residence for both kids to grow up, following an active lifestyle, and grandparents, enjoying a comfortable retirement. The historically developed infrastructure, road network, and greenery facilitate a sense of security, while leaving room for enough freedom for a cohesive community to shape their very own safe oasis.

Cozy houses, quality homes.

Vahtramäe homes are comfortable and cozy. In 2019, four buildings perfect for the environment and of just the right size to establish a sense of community will be completed. The buildings feature six two- and three-room apartments and two four-room apartments. Each building comes with its own yard and each apartment with its own parking spot. Each apartment also includes a balcony of up to 8 m² where one can enjoy a relaxing morning coffee, taking in the romantic view.

Well thought-out details.

In planning these homes, your needs and wishes were considered. The living room stands as separate as possible from the bedrooms, all details have been carefully thought through, and each apartment includes a storage facility, a space for a utility room as well as ample space for cupboards and closets. Contemporary materials and modern construction methods guarantee worry-free life - move in and enjoy!

Interior design just the way you like it.

You choose the interior finishing for your home. Tiiu Saal and Birgit Jaanus, highly valued architects with Arhitect11, put together a selection of finishing solutions suited to the apartments - you’re sure to find the perfect one for you and your family. Still, if not or if you’d like to change a certain element, let us know as soon as possible - this will provide us time to adjust the interior finishing to meet your special requests.

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