Quality based on experience

Kaamos Ehitus has been designing and building modern and energy-efficient homes, office buildings and complete residential areas for its clients for more than 15 years. The experience we have gained, our professional approach and the trust of our clients have allowed us to grow into an esteemed construction company in Estonia and to expand abroad as well.

Our biggest project so far has been Tammsaare Ärikeskus – the biggest modern office building in Estonia, which has become one of the landmarks of Tallinn. The renovation of the legendary Kosmos cinema in the centre of Tallinn – the first IMAX cinema in the Baltic States – is also testament to our team’s excellent qualifications and desire to develop.

In addition to extensive experience we have the necessary construction knowledge and skills, as evidenced by the effective and certified quality and environmental management system ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015, certified engineers and licences required for construction activities.


Design construction contracting

Fast and flexible

In the case of design and construction contracting, Kaamos Ehitus carries out all of the necessary design and construction works according to the client’s requests and vision. Kaamos Ehitus takes responsibility for the design and construction, as it has the necessary professional team, expert knowledge and experience. The service allows clients to turn their ideas into the desired end results in the optimal time. This method is suitable for complicated construction projects where additional requirements and significant changes may become necessary during the planning and design stages.

Professional construction management

Professional and transparent

Kaamos Ehitus manages design and construction works in an open and transparent manner on the basis of the actual costs and/or target budget when providing its professional construction management service. The project management fee is added to the agreement made with the client depending on the complexity of the project. This method allows the client to be closely involved in the entire construction process.

General construction contracting

Reliability and quality

Kaamos Ehitus completes the construction works it undertakes as a contractor on the basis of the designs submitted by the customer. Kaamos Ehitus is responsible for the construction works on the site. Compared to previous services, the process of design and construction is longer for the customer and making changes is more time-consuming.

Hõbemetsa Residental Area – Rehe põik 10
Rehe põik 10, Tallinn
Hõbemetsa elurajoon – Rehe 6
Rehe 6, Tallinn
Vahtramäe omes – II phase
Iltre 2 ja 4, Vae 11 ja 13, Laagri