Timber industry

Valued all over the world!

Kaamos Group’s largest investments in the timber industry involve the company Kaamos Timber.

Kaamos Timber was opened in 2003 as a company that in one of the leading Belarusian sawmills produces sawtimber and sells it across the world. Vitebskaja Lesopilka, the company’s subsidiary based fully on Estonian capital, specializes in the production of coniferous wood based sawtimber. The sawmill employs 200 people and in terms of finished product volumes stands as one of the largest coniferous wood based sawtimber producers in Belarus.

95% of the outfit’s total production volume is exported with the principal markets being Germany, Holland, Belgium, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. The company’s future plans include further automation and modernization of production lines for the purpose of continued augmentation of production volumes.

For more information go to www.vitebsk-lesopilka.com