Quality based on experience

The team of Kaamos Ehitus have over 10 years of experience in building quality homes in the Estonian climate. We have built economical apartment buildings, large office buildings and complete residential areas.

We have qualified engineers, the Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance certificates ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 14001-2004 and licences related to construction activitie

Date of completion: The buildings at Rehe 9 and 11 will be complated latest on December 2018. The buildings at Rehe 5 and 7 will be complated latest on March 2019.

Foundations: The buildings at Rehe 5, 7, 9 and 11 were constructed on low-level foundations made from reinforced concrete.

Insulated external walls: The insulation material for the exterior walls, which are prefabricated reinforced concrete panels, is 200-mm foam polystyrene. Plaster in different shades of colour gives the final finish to the appearance of the house.

Soundproof internal walls: The walls between the apartments are prefabricated 200-mm reinforced concrete panel walls. The internal walls made from plasterboards installed in a metal frame are filled with insulation wool. Storage facilities are separated with veneer walls fastened to wooden frames.

Floors and connected roofs: The load-bearing inserted and roof ceilings are hollow, prefabricated reinforced concrete panels resting on prefabricated reinforced concrete panel walls.

Wide staircases: The reinforced concrete staircases that connect the floors are covered with ceramic tiles. The steel stair railings have wooden handrails.

Lift: There is a lift in every building.

Every apartment has a balcony: The balconies offer great views and their railings are made from wood and metal and PVC covering.

Suitable roof for the climate: SBS roofing, which is very suitable for our climate, has been chosen for the buildings. Rainwater is directed through an internal water outlet to rainwater drainage.

Thermally insulated windows: The ‘German-type’ PVC windows, which open inwards, are made from triple-glazed units and have excellent thermal and noise-dampening properties.

Safe doors: The apartments have smooth veneer doors and the front door is a noise-dampening veneered wooden door. The main door of the building, which is made from metal profiles, is equipped with safety glass and a door phone.

Cosy finish: The walls and ceilings are levelled, and relaxing and light shades of colour are used in interior decoration. The floors are covered with three-strip oak parquet and the entrance floor is finished with ceramic tiles. There are suspended ceilings in sanitary rooms and partly also in the rooms.

Bathroom and toilet: Bathrooms have a shower or an acrylic bath with a mixer tap, connections for washing machines and a toilet. The floors and walls are covered with ceramic tiles, bathroom fittings are white and fixtures are finished with chrome.

Economical heating system: The houses are heated by district heating: all apartments and public premises have radiators. There is electric underfloor heating in the bathrooms.

Forced-air ventilation: The buildings will have forced-air ventilation which uses apartment-based energy-efficient equipment. The majority of the ventilation equipment is located in the technical rooms. The kitchens have connections for extractor hoods and outgoing air is directed to the roof.

Water and sewerage: Water is heated in the building’s boiler plant. The majority of the remotely read water meters are situated behind the suspended ceiling in the sanitary rooms or in the foyer.

Electricity: All necessary sockets, switches, underfloor heating regulators and bathroom and general room lighting fixtures have been installed. The electricity meters are located in the meter board.

Safe door phone: The external door of the building has a panel with call buttons and there is a door phone with a button for opening the door in each apartment. All rooms in the apartments have connections for communications equipment.

Practical storage room: All apartments come with their own private storage area on the basement level.

Technical room: All apartments come with their own technical room within the apartment (with the exception of apartment no. 29).

Convenient parking: There are parking spaces in the yards of the buildings. Some of the parking spaces are located in the open car park under the building.

Car park with a barrier: Between the buildings is a car park with a barrier, which can be opened with a remote control and which cannot be accessed by unauthorised persons. Parking under Rehe 7 building is on two levels, providing 20 parking spaces in total for the house.

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