Your new, slightly
more enjoyable life


Take a step forward in life!

A new, slightly more enjoyable life awaits you at Vikimõisa. Slightly nicer summers where you can stroll down to the lake beach, a towel thrown over your shoulder. A little less noise and more privacy that you have longed for living in the city centre or suburban hills. More nature and eye candy than you’re used to seeing from your home window. Slightly cosier layouts and garden areas than you could have dreamed of.



Developed with experience

Bright and spacious apartments, high ceilings, large windows
Functional apartments with a thought-out layout
Large terraces in the ground floor apartments
Each apartment has a private balcony


Less noise and more privacy

Health trail with motivational signs
Forest trails with comfortable benches
Separate playgrounds for toddlers (0–4) and slightly older children (8–12)
Adventure park and strength campus


Lower costs

Energy efficient buildings, very low utility costs
Electric car charger option in each parking space
Solar panels on the roofs

Vikimõisa is an area with a dignified history

It is named after Eduard Georg Fick. Right here, next to Lake Harku, is the Vikimõisa Forest where the grand residence of Fick who worked as a doctor and pharmacist in Keila in the mid-nineteenth century was located. Now, a couple of hundred years later, many Estonian families can enjoy the pleasures of living in this beautiful area.

Neighbourhood Layout

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Experienced and recognised developer

Kaamos is an Estonian company founded in 2002 that operates in real estate development, construction, and wood processing in Estonia, Latvia, and Belarus. For almost 20 years we have built high-quality and environmentally harmonious homes for thousands of Estonian families. If you don’t think that Vikimõisa is the right solution for you, be sure to take a look at other developments by Kaamos!

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