Kaamos Ehitus is a company that belongs to Kaamos Group, designing and building high-quality and energy-efficient homes. Its team has more than 15 years of experience in creating high-quality homes.

We have certified engineers, Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance certificates ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 14001-2015 and licences required for construction activities.

The Cityzen apartment building at the address Kaupmehe 19 will be ready in summer 2021.


Kaupmehe 19 apartment building is constructed on pile foundation.

Insulated outer walls

The outer walls are mountable reinforced concrete panels. They have been insulated with polystyrene foam and polyurethane foam as well as stone wool, and finished according to architectural solution. The outer walls are covered with decorative cement fiber boards or plaster. White design elements on the facade are made of aluminium composite panels.

Noise-reducing interior walls

The apartments are separated by walls made of either 200–250 mm thick reinforced concrete panels or non-load-bearing walls made of lightweight blocks with additional sound insulation. The apartments’ non-load-bearing walls are plasterboard lightweight walls on a metal frame and they are filled with wool insulation. The storage units’ dividing walls are lightweight walls covered with cement fiber boards on a wooden frame.

Inserted ceilings and roof ceilings

The load-bearing inserted ceilings and roof ceilings are mountable hollow panels as well as a monolithic reinforced concrete construction. The inserted ceilings are supported by reinforced concrete walls and -beams, and steel beams.


Most apartments have balconies, of which the ones beside Kaupmehe street are glazed. Borders are made of glass and metal and floor is covered with weatherproof PVC-cover.

Climate appropriate roof

The roof is covered with SBS that tolerates our climate very well. Rainwater is directed outside the five-storey part of the building. In the seven-storey part of the building, rainwater goes through internal rainwater piping to the rainwater soakaway tanks that have been installed to the courtyard soil.

Insulated windows

The building has energy-efficient and noise-reducing inward opening wooden-aluminium windows with a single frame and triple glaze.

Economical heating system

Buildings’s heat comes from district heating. The apartments have water underfloor heating and smart home system allows to regulate the temperature in all rooms. There is water underfloor heating and radiator heating in the public rooms. Plus degrees are ensured in the underground parking lot.

Mechanical ventilation

The building has mechanical ventilation implemented with energy-efficient central device. The ventilation device is located in specially designed ventilation room.

Water and sewerage

Water is heated in the building’s heating network. Remote reading water meters are located either in hallways or in sanitary rooms behind the false ceiling.

The apartments are connected with central drinking- and domestic waste water piping. All the apartments get remote reading water meters that are located either in the hallway or sanitary rooms behind the false ceiling.


All the necessary sockets, switches and temperature sensors have been installed. Lights are in recessed in hallways, wardrobes and bathrooms that have a plaster false ceiling. Remote reading electricity meters are located in the electrical cabinet. Terraces and balconies have designer lights as well as a socket that suits with the external environment.

Energy saving

The roof of the building will have 9 kW solar panels that produce electricity and help to reduce incidental expenses of future residents.

Weak current

Data transmission sockets have been installed in every room. The apartments are ready for security system installation and smart home system includes security sensors for the outer door and balcony doors. CAT6 data transmission cable and fibre-optic cable have been installed from the building’s data distributor to every apartment, ensuring fast data transmission.

Energy certification

The apartment building’s energy certification class is B.

Building information


The floors are connected by reinforced concrete flights and landings that have been covered with ceramic tiles. The staircase borders have a wooden handrail.


All floors are connected by an energy-efficient and smart elevator that is easy to use and can be called down through a smart device when going home.

Safe doors

The apartments have smooth veneer doors. Outer doors have high-quality soundproofing and they are made of veneered wood. The building’s outer doors are highly safe and equipped with a lock that opens with a touch key.

The main door is made of metal profiles. It has a safety glass and videophone with a smart lock that allows remote access.

Safe entryphone

There is a panel with call buttons on the outer door of the house. Inside every apartment is an entryphone with a button that opens the outer door and video connection with outer panel at the front of the house. The smart home screen in the apartment hallways is also a videophone screen.

Practical storage unit

There is an option to buy a storage unit with the apartment for an extra fee.

Comfortable parking

It is possible to buy parking spaces to the closed underground parking lot or to the open parking lot above ground. Entry to the aboveground parking lot is restricted with a barrier that opens with a remote. The underground parking lot can be accessed through garage door that opens from the access system.

Some parking spaces are supplied with electrical loading plugs.
Часть парковочных мест оснащена розетками для электрической зарядки.


Wooden and metal border will be constructed.


There is a private playground in the yard.


Elegant minimalistic finishing

Three interior finishing packages have been created with Karm & Kristianson’s interior architects Lilia Kristianson and Reet Helisabeth Karm. The main floors are covered with plank parquet while tiles cover the hallway and sanitary room floors.

The living space walls have been painted according to the shade of interior finishing package. Plasterboard false ceilings have been built to sanitary rooms and partly to main rooms to hide the communications. Their colour is in accordance with the interior finishing package.

Bathroom and toilet

All the bathrooms have either a bath or shower and a toilet bowl with flushing cistern inside the wall. Washing machine can be connected in the bathroom. The floor and walls are covered with ceramic tiles depending on the interior design. Sanitary ceramics is white and sanitary equipment’s finishing varies according to the color of the interior finishing package (chrome, black or brushed copper).

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