CityZen - This place is in the center of everything: in the heart of the city

A town usually formed to the intersection of trade routes – where something really happened and life was always on the move. Kaupmehe is not only the name of the street, it marks a place where all the town’s bubbling energy flows through. This place is in the center of everything: in the heart of the city.

This is a place where all opportunities meet, where you can open yourself to the city life, entertainment, pleasurable tastes, experiences and emotions, or delve deeper into your soul and find your peace of mind in the middle of the most stylish modern comfort. Let the city take you away or stay firmly to your secure haven. Cityzen creates all of these possibilities.

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Louis Lillemaa

Louis Lillemaa

Kaamos Kinnisvara AS
+372 50 138 89

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