Kaamos Kinnisvara AS

Veskiposti 2, 10138 Tallinn
Phone: +372 6 630 300

Sales manager/administrator

Kristo Soitu
Phone: +372 5627 7001

Kaamos Kinnisvara is located on the top floor of Avala Electra office building. Kaamos is a residential and commercial real estate developer with nearly 20 years of experience. Our portfolio includes approximately 80,000 m2 of rental space, including the largest office building in Estonia, Tammsaare Business Centre, as well as, for example, Avala office buildings, DEPO store/warehouse, Endla Office Building, the building of Statistics Estonia. Kaamos develops its own real estate, which allows taking the customer’s wishes into account from planning to the final completion of the property where even the very last detail is thoroughly considered.
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