Tammsaare Business Centre

More space for good thoughts

Tammsaare Business Center combines eye-catching architecture and thoroughly thought-out spatial solutions. Beautiful city views open from the three-part office building, the goal of which is to provide an inspiring and creative work environment.

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Modern and prominent office building

The office building offers office options for more than 40 different companies. With our tenants and customers in mind, we have created a flexible and prominent working environment which provides the newest technical solutions and emotional architectural experiences. The bright glass facade is provided contrast by mirror glass; the building is articulated by clear massiveness of the indented staircases.

Private and convenient

Elevators and staircases have been brought together between three towers of the building in order to disperse the movements of people in the building and ensure privacy for tenants. The parking garage for tenants accommodates 600 cars and is connected through a glass gallery leading straight to the main building. There is a spacious parking lot for 110 cars in front of the building.

Carefree and flexible

The Centre has low additional costs and an administrative team provided by the developer. On business days, there is a receptionist in the lobby, outside office hours, there is a security guard. We have reliable partners for cleaning and moving services. We are open to and creative with respect to the wishes of tenants when it comes to different solutions.


Use of renewable energy

From 2022, we switched to green energy consumption in Kaamos commercial buildings, which means that the entire energy needs of Tammsaare Business Center will be covered by solar, wind and hydro energy.


customer satisfaction

Based on a survey conducted at the beginning of 2024, customers are very satisfied with today's Tammsaare Business Center, giving 8 points out of ten as feedback.

The Centre has a total office area of 24,000 m² and about 75 long-term tenants.

The centre offers a wide range of services, which makes the working evironment more convenient and helps to save time.

  • open lounge area with a board game area
  • 3 private clinics
  • beauty salon
  • car wash
  • electric car rental with ELMO services

The large lobby on the ground floor has an entrance to Tammsaare Bistro serving breakfast and lunch. The restaurant of the building has 170 seats and offers a diverse menu starting from breakfast and allows one to enjoy food in a pleasant environment every day without the need to leave the building.

The restaurant is open

Mon-Fri 08:30-15:00

Parking is free for customers for 2 hours when registering a vehicle number in the business center lobby or at a parking stand in PPA (Police and Border Guard Board) office.


Tammsaare Business Centre is located at 47 Tammsaare Road (distance from the city centre is about 7 km); and the airport and the bus station are only 8 minutes away by car. The centre is easily accessible both by car and public transport; Tondi Selver and Tondi Grill are just across the street, and Audentes Sport Club and Tere Tennis Centre are just a 5-minute walk away.

A.H. Tammsaare road, stop „Sõjakooli“, bus No 12, 13, 20, 20A.
Please use the pedestrian tunnel in order to cross the roadway.

Rahumäe Road, stop “Tuisu”, bus No 23, 61
Pärnu Road, stop “Virve”, bus No 5, 18, 32, 36, 45, 57 .



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