Sales information


When an apartment is reserved, we enter into an agreement which is valid for 10 days. No fee is charged for the agreement.

Sale contract under the law of obligations

We enter into a notarised apartment ownership sale contract. The buyer pays 15% of the price of the apartment no later than two days before the entry into the sale contract by transferring it either to the bank account of Hõbemetsa OÜ or to the deposit account of the notary.

Real right contract

After the completion of the apartment and receipt of the construction works by the buyer, we enter into a notarised real right contract within the scope of which the buyer purchases the remaining 85% of the price of the transaction. A note about the change of owners is made in the Land Register. The notary’s fees and state fees related to the sale transaction are paid by the buyer.

Good to know!

  • Rehe põik 10 house will be completed no later than February 2020.
  • Rehe 6 house will be completed no later than April 2020.
  • Kadaka tee 191d house will be completed no later than November 2020.a.
  • Kadaka tee 191c house will be completed no later than February 2021.a

The apartment completion date given in the contract is valid for standard solutions only. In the case of extra works, the completion dates are agreed on when the cost of the extra works is approved.

Please note: All photos are illustrative and may not be accurate.

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