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Your journey to becoming a homeowner

A new, slightly more enjoyable life awaits you at Vikimõisa. Slightly nicer summers where you can stroll down to the lake beach, a towel thrown over your shoulder. More nature and eye candy than you’re used to seeing from your home window. Slightly cosier layouts and garden areas than you could have dreamed of. Come and start your journey here.

Register your interest

  • You can be among the first to get to see the prices and layouts of the apartments
  • You can be among the first to book a suitable apartment
    By registering interest early, you will have an opportunity to enjoy special offers
  • You can be among the first to choose suitable cardinal orientation, storage rooms and parking spaces
  • You will receive information about the progress of the project on an ongoing basis

  • Booking an apartment
  • Contact the Sales Manager through the contact form on the website
  • We will book the apartment for you free of charge for 10 days
  • Booking apartment on earlier stage, you have more opportunities to change apartment layout and choice of interior design elements
  • You can map out everything you need together with the Sales Manager and the Sales Manager will prepare a corresponding sales offer for the bank (if you want to use financing)
  • You can only make changes to the floor plan of the apartment within the deadlines given by Kaamos Ehitus
  • If the financing bank so requests, the buyer must order an expert assessment to purchase property. This can be done conveniently and for a good price through our partners
  • Now is the right time to have a look at the additional options offered by the developer – make changes to the floor plan, choose interior design elements, get acquainted with the kitchen and other furniture solutions provided by the developer, choose a parking space and storage room, take a look at the option for charging an electric car, if necessary
  • The price of the changes and the integrated products chosen from Kaamos Marketplace can be added to the bank loan amount

Marketplace and interior design solutions

  • Kaamos Marketplace is a department store for Kaamos home buyers, where trendy products and solutions selected by our interior architects for your home are only a click (click of a button) away
  • You can have a look at the interior design materials on the website of Kaamos Marketplace conveniently at home on your sofa, or in our showroom
  • Ask for access to Kaamos Marketplace from the Sales Manager

Signing of a notarised contract under the law of obligations

  • If your future home is still under construction, you will have to visit a notary twice. The contract of sale under the law of obligations includes a fixed price, the deadline for the completion of the apartment and everything related to the interior finishing and layout of your apartment. By signing a real right contract, we will hand over the ownership to you and you will become the owner of the apartment
  • Our Sales Manager will arrange a meeting for the transaction at the notary’s office
  • If desired, we can also conclude the transaction with remote authentication at environment. Signing of the contract takes from 30 minutes to 1 hour
  • The notary’s office will send you the contract for prior review, and during the transaction the notary will read its contents aloud once again and, if you have any questions, will answer and explain
  • No later than two (2) days before the signing of the contract of purchase and sale under the law of obligations, 10% of the cost of the apartment must be transferred either to a notary’s deposit or directly to the developer
  • For signing of a contract under the law of obligations, the buyer must pay the notary’s fee (

Your home is ready

  • When your home is ready, we invite you to an inspection of the construction works
  • The site manager of Kaamos will introduce you to the house and apartment and its technical solutions
  • At the end of the inspection, we sign an inspection report, in which we also record the water and electricity readings
  • It usually takes a week or two from the initial inspection to the real right contract and the delivery of the keys

Notariaalse asjaõiguslepingu sõlmimine

  • After inspecting the apartment, our Sales Manager will book a meeting with a notary
  • The transaction can be made at a notary’s office or via remote authentication at environment
  • The remaining amount of the transaction price must be transferred to the notary’s deposit or directly to the developer’s account by the time of contract signing
  • If you use bank financing to buy your apartment, a representative of your bank will also participate in the transaction
  • For signing of a real right contract, the buyer must pay the notary’s fee and state fee (
  • After signing the real right contract, we will hand over the keys to your new home


  • All homes in Kaamos have an extended warranty period of 3 years
  • In terms of works under warranty, you can submit your concerns to our team through the Hausing environment:
  • You will get access to Hausing environment after the apartment is handed over to you
  • Issues related to the upkeep of the building, as well as utility bills should be discussed with the building manager

Important information!!

The developer builds the designed apartment by the date provided in the agreement; said date is valid only with standard solutions provided by the developer. In the case of additional work and changes, completion dates are agreed upon approval of calculations of such changes.
Please note! All photos are only illustrative and may not be totally accurate.

Sale price of an apartment includes:

  • interior finish of the apartment according to the finish package
  • storage unit in the basement of the building (5000 €)
  • connections water supply and sewerage mains
  • connection to power network readiness to connect to telephone network and cable television
  • readiness to join a security company service
  • VAT

Sale price of an apartment does not include:

  • notary fees and state fee related to the transaction (paid by the buyer)
  • connection fee for communication, security and cable television service
  • the price of the apartment does not include a parking space (underground parking space 9000 €, parking space in the yard 6000 €)

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