Stage III

The team of Kaamos Ehitus, under the Kaamos Group, has 20 years of experience in the Estonian real estate development sector. The company has completed both large and small projects, built complete residential areas as well as large office buildings. Kaamos Ehitus has certified engineers, it holds Lloyds Register Quality Assurance certificates ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 14001-2015, and licenses related to construction activities. Vikimõisa apartment buildings are energy-efficient buildings that partially extract energy from the solar park on the roof of the building and are certified with the energy class A label.

Foundation: The buildings are built on pile foundation.

Insulated external walls: The insulation material for external walls made of hollow core concrete blocks is 250 mm thick polystyrene foam. Different-toned plaster and, partially, timber paneling give the appearance of the building its finishing touch.

Noise-absorbing interior walls: The walls separating apartments are 240 mm thick and made of hollow core concrete blocks filled with concrete. Plasterboard interior walls on metal framework are filled with insulating wool. Storage rooms are separated by plywood walls fixed to timber framework.

Internal ceilings and roof ceilings: Load-bearing internal ceilings and roof ceilings are made of precast reinforced concrete hollow core panels resting on hollow core block walls. The height of the ceilings is up to 2.8 m.

Elevator and wide stairs: Reinforced concrete stairs connecting the floors are 1.25 m wide and tiled with ceramic tiles. The steel railings feature a timber handrail.

Each apartment has a balcony: The spacious balconies are fitted with wood guard rails.

Climate-appropriate roof: The roofing is SBS, which is well-suited for our climate. Rainwater is directed to the storm water drainage through an external drain.

Insulated windows: Inward-opening so-called German-style triple glazed PVC windows efficiently keep the heat inside and reduce noise.

Secure doors: The apartment has smooth veneered and partially painted doors (white panel doors in the Metsapärli interior package) and sound-absorbing timber front door. The metal-profile entrance door to the building is equipped with safety glass and an intercom.

Cosy finish: Walls and ceilings are smoothed, and the interior decoration incorporates calm and light hues. Floors are covered with single-strip oak parquet flooring (herringbone parquet in the Metsapärli package), ceramic tiles on the hallway floor. Sanitary rooms and, partially, living quarters feature suspended ceilings.

Bathroom and toilet: Bathrooms feature an acrylic bathtub or a shower, a sink, and a toilet bowl. The floor and ceilings are tiled with ceramic tiles, sanitary ceramics are white, and sanitary ware is finished in chrome (sanitary ware is black in the Metsapärli package).

Economical heating system: Heat is provided by local gas heating, and apartments (including bathrooms) are fitted with underfloor heating. Living quarters partially feature radiators.

Secure intercom: The entrance door to the building is fitted with a panel with call buttons, and each apartment features an intercom with buttons to open the entrance door. All rooms in the apartment are fitted with means to connect communications equipment.

Practical storage: Each apartment has a storage room in the basement or ground floor of the building.

Utility room: Some apartments have an internal utility room. The utility room has water and sewerage connections for a washing machine.

Convenient parking:  Cars can be parked in the yard and partially underneath the buildings on floor -1.

Energy class A buildings: The buildings are energy-efficient and certified with the energy class A label, and they partially extract energy from the solar park on the roof of the building.

Mechanical ventilation system: The building is planned to have a mechanical ventilation system with apartment-based high energy-efficiency equipment. Ventilation devices are located on the wall in the utility room or behind the ceiling in the bathroom. All apartments have the possibility to connect a kitchen hood; exhaust air is sent directly to the roof.

Water supply and sewerage: Hot water required in the apartment building is produced in the heating unit. Apartment hot and cold water meters are installed behind suspended ceilings in the apartment hallways or in sanitary rooms. Water readings are automatically sent to the remote reading device.

Electricity: All the necessary sockets, switches, underfloor heating controllers and light fittings for the bathroom and living quarters have been installed. Electricity meters are located in the meter panel.



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