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Construction information – Bulvari kodud Construction information | Bulvari kodud

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Construction information

Foundation: The apartment building located at Sõpruse pst 30 is built on a pile foundation.

Insulated external walls: External walls are prefabricated reinforced concrete panels insulated with both expanded polystyrene and rock wool insulation and finished according to the architectural design. The finishing of the external walls is thin plaster and/or brick lamellae system glued on plaster.

Noise-reducing interior walls: Walls separating apartments are load-bearing walls made of 200 mm thick reinforced concrete panels. Non-load-bearing interior walls of the apartments are lightweight walls on a metal frame made of plasterboard, filled with insulating wool. Partitions of storage rooms are lightweight walls on timber frames covered with building boards.

Inserted and roof ceilings: Load-bearing inserted and roof ceilings are prefabricated hollow core panels and monolithic reinforced concrete inserted ceiling sections. Inserted ceilings are supported on reinforced concrete walls and beams.

Stairs: Floors are connected by double end-turn spiral staircases made of reinforced concrete covered with ceramic tiles. Stair railings are steel railing between the corridor and stairs and a steel handrail on the back wall. Corridors are tiled with ceramic tiles.

Elevator: All floors are connected by an easy-to-use elevator.

Balconies: All apartments feature balconies. Balcony railings are made of glass and metal and floors are reinforced concrete floors.

Roof suitable for the climate: The roofing is SBS roofing used for waterproofing flat roofs. Storm water is inside the building and connects to the existing storm water pipeline at Sõpruse pst.

Insulated windows: The building has energy-saving and noise-reducing inward-opening single-frame triple-glazed plastic windows.

Secure doors: The apartments have smooth veneer doors and veneered wooden exterior doors with increased soundproofing. The exterior doors of the building have increased security and are equipped with a lock that uses a touch key. The main metal profile door of the building features safety glass and a video intercom system.

Bathroom and toilet: Bathrooms have a bath or shower, a sink and a toilet with an in-wall cistern. The location for the washing machine is in the shower room/bathroom. The floor and walls are tiled with ceramic tiles according to the interior design. Sanitary rooms and partly also the rooms feature plasterboard suspended ceilings and cornices built to hide communications, the shade of which is presented in the interior design packages.

Economical heating system: The heating supply in the building is provided by district heating. The apartments have underfloor heating, and the temperature in all the rooms can be controlled via a thermostat. There is also radiator heating in common areas.

Forced ventilation: Forced ventilation using an apartment-based unit is planned in the building. The ventilation unit of common areas is located in the technical room on the basement floor. Exhaust air from the kitchen hood in each apartment is discharged to the roof.

Water and sewerage: Water is heated in the building’s heating unit. Remote water meters are located either in the hallway or behind the suspended ceiling in sanitary rooms. The apartments are connected to the central drinking water and domestic wastewater pipeline. Domestic hot water is heated in the heating unit. All apartments are fitted with remote water meters located either in the hallway or behind the suspended ceiling in sanitary rooms.

Electricity: All the necessary sockets, switches and temperature sensors are installed. Hallways, wardrobes and bathrooms feature recessed luminaires where the ceiling is a suspended plasterboard ceiling. Remote electricity meters are located in the meter panel.

Energy saving: Solar panels are installed on the roof of the building to generate electricity, which will reduce accessory expenses for future residents.

Low-current: Data communication sockets are installed in all rooms. The apartments are ready for the installation of a security system, and the front door of the apartment features a magnetic contact sensor. CAT6 data cables runs from the communications switchboard of the building to each apartment.

Secure phonolock: The exterior door of the building has a panel with call buttons, and an intercom with a video connection to the exterior panel in front of the building featuring a button to open the front door is installed in each apartment.

Practical storage room: Each apartment is intended to have a storage room on the basement floor.

Convenient parking: Parking spaces can be purchased in the underground open parking lot or in the courtyard parking lot outside the building.

Property: Access to parking spaces is restricted by a remote-controlled barrier. There is a private playground for children in the courtyard.

Energy label: The energy label class of the apartment building is A.

Warranty: The building has an extended three-year construction warranty.