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Bulvar Homes is a comfortably small building where carefully selected interiors and people who value the feeling of coming home await.

For more than 10 years, as an interior architect I have had the opportunity to look for the formula of a good home through several development projects. To create a whole that sounds equally harmonious both on paper and later in an unfurnished empty space so that when accepting the keys you can breathe easily – I’m home!
I hope that Bulvar Homes offer this wonderful sense of recognition, whether the goal is a bright and cosy or a trendy and characteristic home. One thing is certain – the stairwell inspired by London’s industrial style conveys the architecture of the building and creates a fun journey from the street to the front door of your home.

Interior architect

Interior finish package


Inspired by the increasingly popular Slow Living concept where the aim is to create a neutral, calm and timeless interior. Where both an old chest of drawers inherited from your grandmother and a cool Scandinavian-style designer chair go together. Light tones and safe choices ensure a natural flow and a harmonious home despite the trends.
Interior finish package


Inspired by the rhythm of a modern townhouse. Supports a pleasantly fast and active lifestyle, offering a modern functional home with clean lines as balance. The grey accent has a trendy effect and is a maintenance-free space for a faced-paced lifestyle.
Interior finish package

Premium black*

Inspired by the details of industrial design. A trendy and interesting solution where black details seem like an exciting accent to the room. Goes well with both minimalist furnishings and bold individual ideas. *For a special fee
Interior finish package

Premium gold*

Like the cherry on the cake, golden details in the interior give off a much fresher impression, having a festive and luxurious effect. Like a ray of sunshine that warms, comforts and delights in the grey everyday. Timelessly elegant. *For a special fee