About us

Estonian capital, Nordic values!


Established in 2002, the Kaamos Group is an Estonian capital-based company which operates in the area of property development, construction and the timber industry.

Kaamos refers to the polar night – an exotic natural phenomenon which only occurs in the Nordic countries. It is beautiful to see and reminds us how important it is that we live in harmony with nature and act wisely and with commitment. This way of thinking also characterises the work of the Kaamos Group. Every step of the way, we try to follow the principle that the houses we build must be impressive to look at and blend harmoniously into the surrounding environment. Living or working in these buildings should be a real pleasure. To achieve this, we rely on traditions on the one hand, while on the other we always remain open to the most modern and smart solutions.

We operate actively in four countries: Estonia, Finland, Georgia and Belarus. We are constantly looking for innovative ideas and promising companies in which to invest.

The Kaamos Group employs more than 400 people. The financial position of the group is strong – its total turnover in 2017 was 70 million euros, with a balance sheet total 150 million euros and equity base of 88 million euros.