Estonian owners, Nordic values!

Kaamos is a family office which was established by the Jõeleht family in 2002. Strongly capitalized and professionally run, it brings together all of the companies in the Kaamos Group.

The group’s biggest investments to date have been in real estate, construction and renewable energy sector . Major investments have been made in the Baltic region.

The principle behind all of our investments is to acquire and develop market-leading companies that offer sustained synergy, growth in profits and strong cash flows. We take the long-term view when it comes to maintaining and enhancing our investments.

As at the end of 2022, the total volume of assets of all of the companies in the Kaamos Group was 269,7 million euros, with equity of 164,2 million euros. The group is an employer to more than 350 people.

We aim to be a progressive and leading company in all our core areas of activity.

Marek Pohla

Chairman of the Management Board

Kaamos revenue, EBITDA and EBITDA margin period 2017-2022


Vision & values

Our vision

We grow sustainably through complete solutions.

Our mission

We grow the company value through investments that fulfil the expectations of the clients, the team and the owners.


Everything we do is based on 5 core values:

WE WORK TOGETHER – We’re reliable and client-focussed and always keep the promises we make.


WE STAND TOGETHER – We work as a single team, valuing and giving one another the recognition we deserve. We have clear shared goals and act accordingly.


WE’RE INNOVATIVE – We’re always looking for smart solutions and using new technologies and materials, because we’re curious and forward-looking.


WE’RE ENTERPRISING – Our aim is to bring big, important projects to life and to be the best in our field.


WE’RE DEPENDABLE – We’re genuine, and we always stay true to our brand, our mission and our values.