The chairman of the supervisory board of Kaamos Group is the company’s founder, Kaido Jõeleht. The other members of the board are his six children: Juulika Vahter, Teele Jõeleht, Mari Verrev, Jürgen Mikk Jõeleht, Carmen Kaidi Jõeleht and Carolin Kaia Jõeleht.
Having started out as a two-man operation, Kaamos has since become a major international investment company employing more than 300 people. In the last two decades we have constructed a number of significant commercial buildings and handed over more than a thousand new homes to our clients. We are also continuing to invest in the generation of electricity in the form of solar farms. The people who work for Kaamos have made an invaluable contribution to all of this, and it is thanks to them that we have such satisfied clients.

Thank you all!

As a family company, our aim is to continually evolve and grow whilst retaining our staff and maintaining the level of quality we deliver. We feel that as a business operator you also need to ensure balance in the longer term. As such, we promote sustainable thinking in society and support education and charity.

Kaido Jõeleht

Chairman of the Board

Pictured top: Teele Jõeleht, Kaido Jõeleht, Juulika Vahter, Carmen Kaidi Jõeleht

Pictured bottom: Jürgen Mikk Jõeleht, Mari Verrev , Carolin Kaia Jõeleht