The Kaamos Group has always made a point of keeping up with developments in technology, implementing many of them in its own companies. New technological solutions in the energy sector like solar power, energy storage, green electricity and consumption management are becoming an everyday part of the lives of more and more people. Thanks to this, everyone can play their own modest part in being environmentally friendly and moving towards climate neutrality. The world (but primarily the European Union, and as a Member State thereof Estonia) has set itself the goal of increasing the proportion of renewable energy in both transport and the use of electricity. That figure is currently 25% for Estonia, but the country hopes to reach 45% in electricity consumption by 2030. This is certainly an ambitious target, and one the Kaamos Group wants to help achieve. As such, we’ve also set ourselves the goal of developing renewable energy and investing in projects related to it.
We’re contributing to the green economy today so that we can provide our clients and partners with added value tomorrow.

Mihkel Loorits

Kaamos Energy CEO

Kaamos Energy

To implement these objectives, we’ve set up Kaamos Energy to guide us on energy-related matters in the group. The company brings together undertakings and projects that are directly or indirectly linked to energy: solar power, biofuel and battery technologies and alternatives to them. We’re already implementing developments in the energy sector across the Kaamos Group in Estonia and Belarus with the aim of increasing energy efficiency and the use of green energy, which will help to reduce the carbon footprint of our products. We’re now shareholders in one of Estonia’s biggest renewable energy companies, Sunly Land; we’ve built the biggest solar park in Tallinn; and we’ve invested in an energy conversion business. We’re also open to partnerships outside the group – both linked to new projects and joint developments and to the further development of existing companies and projects. On top of all that, we’re keeping an eye on start-ups in the sector as well, since they show the way forward in the energy sector.