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Founded in 2002, the Kaamos Group is an Estonian-owned investment firm that brings together all Kaamos companies. Its biggest investments have been in property development, construction, the timber industry and the energy sector. The total volume of assets of all of the companies in the group was 247 million euros at the end of 2021, with equity of 139,9 million euros. The group is an employer to more than 350 people.

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Kaamos Real estate

Kaamos has almost 20 years’ experience as a developer of residential and commercial property. In that time we’ve handed over more than 1000 apartments to new homeowners. Our portfolio boasts around 80,000 m2 of space for lease, including in the Tammsaare business centre (Estonia’s biggest office building), the Electra, the Depo warehouse store and the Statistics Estonia building. Kaamos develops its properties itself, enabling it to take the wishes of the client into account throughout – from the planning stage through to the finishing touches.

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Kaamos Construction

Kaamos Construction has been operating on the design and construction contracting market for 15 years, erecting prominent commercial buildings and fully integrated residential districts. Its experience has seen it grow into a respected construction company that has also carried out projects in Finland and Georgia. Among the company’s most eye-catching developments are the Tammsaare business centre, the Avala Quarter and the Kosmos cinema.

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Kaamos Timber

Kaamos Timber was founded in 2003. It produces sawn timber in Belarus and then markets it around the world. The company is 100% Estonian-owned and specialises in the production of sawn timber from conifers. The mill currently employs almost 250 people and is one of the biggest producers of sawn timber from conifers in Belarus. In total, 95% of the company’s output is exported.

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Kaamos Energy

Kaamos Energy is a rapidly growing company which operates in the field of renewable energy. Its strategic goal is to boost its production assets for such energy. The company focuses on new energy trends such as solar power, energy storage, green electricity and consumption management, seeking to find synergy within the group to increase energy efficiency and promote the use of green energy. Its portfolio includes Tallinn’s biggest solar park, on the roof of the Depo warehouse store in the Avala business district.

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Kaamos Start-up

The Kaamos Group invests a fixed amount of its profits in start-ups. Its guiding principle is to invest in companies that are just starting out whose innovative ideas could offer added value to the group’s main lines of business in the future. There are currently 10 companies in the Kaamos Group’s VC investment portfolio, the best known of which are Bolt, Veriff, Moderan, Fractory and Kingdom.

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