Kaamos invests in start-ups with strong ties to Estonia in order to support local enterprise and contribute to the implementation of bold ideas. We’re convinced that the level of innovation in our country is world-class and we’re always happy when innovative ideas enjoy broader recognition and success, despite how small Estonia is. We also turn a lot of our attention to companies working in the same fields that we operate in – real estate, construction, energy and timber. In this way we strive to stay close to the innovation that’s happening in the field and through it to potential synergy with investment.

In terms of our investing activities, we’ve focussed first and foremost on companies with strong ties to Estonia that already have a working prototype of their product or service and their first paying customers. Since we’re not a professional investment fund, we avoid taking the lead role in investment circles and are more than happy to see other investors alongside us. Although we’re prepared to invest in any sector or business model, we feel we have more to offer companies that are operating in the same areas of business as us than just capital.