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Kitchen design offer

We offer a ready-made kitchen to everyone buying a home at Vikimõisa. You can choose between four different designs.

The size and shape of our kitchens depends on the layout of the apartment. Materials will be chosen according to the interior finish of the apartment. Each kitchen design corresponds to one interior finish package and has the same name, but we will not limit your choices, so you can mix and match the materials between the packages.*

The choice of the materials was inspired by the specifics of the area – the calm tones take after the surrounding nature. The key phrase is a comfortable and practical kitchen that brings joy to both passionate chefs and those who only do the bare minimum in the kitchen.

The Metsapärli kitchen comes in soft gray-green tones, with a matte velvet textured surface and background wall. The black kitchen appliances and black handles give the kitchen a modern accent.

Liivakarva is a kitchen in soft dark beige shades. The deep red laminated surface and background wall add a representative line to the kitchen. The kitchen appliances are made of practical stainless steel, and the handles also have the same finish.

The Kiviranna and Mõisahõngu packages have a white kitchen with a beige laminated surface and background wall. The stainless steel details bring a traditional Scandinavian touch to the kitchen.

The kitchen in the Eco package comes in modern, dark gray tones. The surface and background wall are made of innovative and CO2-neutral Fenix laminate. Black kitchen equipment and black handles form a particularly stylish combination with dark gray surfaces.

All kitchens are equipped with top-quality Electrolux appliances.

5 reasons to choose a kitchen fitted by Kaamos:

  • You can include the kitchen you have selected in your housing loan.
  • The kitchen will be ready by the time the apartment is handed over.
  • You do not have to deal with any drawings and measurements – we will do everything for you.
  • You can choose between three trendy designs. Packages can be combined starting from stage 3.
  • Top quality and 2-year warranty, plus manufacturer’s warranty for appliances

Come and check it out for yourself!
To have a look at a sample kitchen design, make an appointment with our sales manager Anne-Ly Lindmäe, +372 503 3045.

Kiviranna ja Mõisahõngu pakettidele vastab valges toonis garderoob, roostevabast terasest viimistlusega käepidemed annavad  traditsioonilise skandinaavialiku ilme.

Liivakarva paketi garderoob on pehmes tumebeežis toonis ja roostevabast terasest viimistlusega käepidemetega.

Metsapärli paketi garderoob on mahedas rohekashallis toonis, mustad käepidemed annavad modernse aktsendi.

Öko paketi garderoob on moodsas tumehallis toonis, mustad käepidemed moodustavad eriti stiilse koosluse.

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