Our Supplier Code of Conduct

Act with Integrity
At our company, we require all suppliers to maintain the highest ethical standards. This means following all applicable laws and protecting intellectual property rights.
Say No to Corruption
Corruption has no place in our business. We prohibit any form of bribery and expect suppliers to report any instances of bribery they encounter in their business relationships.
Respect Human Rights
Respect for human rights is fundamental. Suppliers must uphold international human rights standards, avoid working with partners who violate these rights, and report any human rights abuses.
Fair Labor Practices
We support workers' rights to unionize and bargain collectively. Child labor, forced labor, and discrimination are strictly forbidden. Employment decisions should be made fairly and based on objective criteria.
Safe and Healthy Workplaces
Suppliers must provide safe, healthy working conditions, including necessary training and protective equipment. Workers should be protected from harassment, and their privacy rights respected.
Considerate Community Impact
We expect our suppliers to avoid involvement in human rights violations related to state security forces, improper relocations, or land purchases without proper consent. Adequate compensation and emergency procedures should be in place.
Environmental Responsibility
We encourage our suppliers to minimize their environmental impact. This includes compliance with environmental laws, reducing resource consumption, emissions, and waste.
Site Audits
To ensure compliance with our code, we may conduct audits at supplier sites. Suppliers and sub-suppliers are expected to cooperate fully during these audits.
In a nutshell, our supply chain is all about ethical conduct, respecting human rights, responsible labor and environmental practices, and transparency. It reflects our commitment to responsible business operations and the well-being of our global partners and communities.