Energy efficient kindergarten erected in Finland as construction was lead by Purtonor OY


In August this year a new kindergarten was erected in Vantaa, near Helsinki. Purtonor OY, a subsidiary of Kaamos Ehitus (Kaamos Construction), had the honor of operating as the main contractor upon construction of the building.

The kindergarten extends across 1,500 m² in surface area and has places for 170 children. The building is rented by one of Finland’s biggest kindergarten chains Pilke Päevakoti OY.

The newly completed kindergarten is of significant importance and novelty in a number of respects. The complex constitutes a science center for preschoolers, conjoining the fields of science, art, economy, and technology. The study environment has been composed, incorporating the above elements.

The building is erected on a wooden frame, ensuring a healthy and energy efficient developmental environment for the children.

According to Aivar Juus, Effective Manager of Purtonor OY, intensity and responsibility are the keywords that characterize the building process which kicked off in November last year. All the more reason for us to be proud to have accepted this challenge and made our contribution in erecting an innovative kindergarten.

Purtnor kindergarten