Woodbakers business name has changed to Kaamos Timber


As of 13 March, the business name of AS Woodbakers (register code 10965224) has changed. The new name is Kaamos Timber AS. Company data is the same after the name change (only the e-mail addresses changed) and is the following:


AS Kaamos Timber
Register code: 10965224; VAT register No.: EE100867635

Legal address: Pärnu mnt. 153, 11624, Tallinn
e-mail: timber@kaamos.ee

e-mail for sending invoices: arved.timber@kaamos.ee

Telephone: +372 6 630 300


The name exchange does not mean any other changes, incl. changes in the contractual relations with the partners.

All contracts signed so far remain enforced, as well as all bank accounts remain active.

If you have any questions regarding the name exchange, please contact us via e-mail at tonu.bergmann@kaamos.ee