Ferro Residences – Modern elegance in Kadriorg


Construction works for the Ferro Residences at Raua street have begun. The buildings stand out thanks to their refined interior and exterior design. The new homes are located in the quiet area of Kadriorg rich with cultural value.

The creators of the Ferro Residences located in the immediate vicinity of city centre are architecs Tomomi Hayashi, Hanno Grossschmidt, Andres Ristov and Sander Treijar from Hayashi-Grossschmidt Arhitektuur. According to the Japanese architect Tomomi Hayashi, the building’s architecture is inspired by the multidimensional character of Kardriorg. “The atmosphere of Raua street is made up of buildings from different decades: grand stone buildings and unique wooden houses,” says Hayashi, explaining the background of creating the building with the unique facade.

According to the development manager of Kaamos Real Estate, Ivar Vahter, the building’s name is inspired by the handmade clay brick that covers the entire facade and is called Ferro. The brick facade combined with skilled window framework blends beautifully with the air of eras present in the area. Interior design solutions are provided by the architecture bureau Arhitekt11.

The valuable residential area of Kadriorg offers multitudes of possibilities to spend free time. Beach, parks, harbour and entertainment centres are close by and all can be enjoyed while living in the calm Raua residence.

The residences have character and pure style. Person entering the building is greeted by an elegant lobby, the apartments with modern finishing solutions are meant for people who appreciate historic atmosphere and minimalism. The open balconies and closed courtyard ensure private leisure moments.

Contemporary home solutions offer convenient and secure living environment. The smart elevator takes you from the underground car park straight to the desired floor. Since the area has a shortage of parking spaces, the car park is constructed with the idea that every apartment owner can purchase at least one parking space. Solar panels on the roof reduce the additional costs of the future habitants. The courtyard behind the building has a private playground for kids.

More information at www.kaamos.ee/ferro