Former Telia office building became modern Endla Business Centre


As a result of nearly year-long renovation works, a new business building is finished in downtown Tallinn with more than 4,000 m2 of business premises. In addition to excellent location and convenient parking options, Endla Business Centre also offers work environment with flexible solutions to all companies.

In autumn 2017, Kaamos Ehitus construction company started the renovation of the building by remodelling its main entrance and bleaching the slate exterior. Modern-looking building segment with metallic mesh exterior was added to the construction to decorate the city space, bring more light and add a contemporary business building in the area. Additionally, the sidewalks around the building on Endla Street and partially also on Koidu Street were repaired and parking options were improved. With landscaping, the environment surrounding the building is now much cosier.

The office premises have stylish glass walls which allow the tenants to readjust the premises if necessary. The tenants can make an entire floor into one whole or divide it into smaller business areas. The business building contains conference rooms and a diner, and provides convenient access for everyone coming in by bicycle, car or public transport.

The total investment sum was approximately 6 million euros.

Only 700 m² of business premises are still available in Endla Business Centre. More information on the business centre and available premises can be found here.