Grand Gonsior – the edifice that formerly housed the Ministry of Social Affairs transforms into an apartment building with an euphonious name and inspiring content.


Construction work kicked off on the former Ministry of Social Affairs building on Gonsiori street to result in 80 unique high ceiling 1 – 4 room apartments. Full renovation of the building includes installation of new ventilation and technical systems and windows with efficient heat retention and noise reduction properties. The building’s historic exterior will be restored by way of minor facade repairs and a new coat of paint to refresh the faded walls. New apartments will be move-in ready in April 2019.

This historic building was designed by Estonian architects Peeter Tarvas and Heiki Karro in the 1950s. The author of the renovation project – the apartment layouts and solutions – is architect Aigar Roht (AB Korrus). Reconstruction will retain the original facade, restoring as much as possible in the building itself: hallways, the lobby, some of the crown molding etc. At the same time, the building will be improved with new and modern features requisite today for a healthy lifestyle. In creating the interior design, distinguished interior architects from Arhitect11 drew inspiration from the ever-so-colorful and positive 1950s.

Ivar Vahter, Development Manager at Kaamos Real Estate says that Grand Gonsior is perfect for people looking for an original home with distinct character. This house calls out to those that seek a home with a little special something – the apartment layouts allow for many unconventional interior design solutions. The development is well-suited for singles, young couples, and families.

Harmony and space

The interior finishing of the 1 – 4 room uniquely laid out apartments relies on harmony between modern and retro features. One of the most important showpieces is the high ceilings – the ceiling height in all apartments is 3 meters and a whopping 3.6 meters in certain areas on the fifth floor. Interior doors are 2.3 meters in height. The skirting boards, 12 cm in height, perfectly match the splendid ceiling height. The flooring is natural parquet. New apartment owners have a choice between three interior finishing solutions – Glamour, Green, and Grace. Each one has its own characteristic style.

Urban convenience – a washroom for your bike and pet

Renovation of the building is carried out considering every convenience. The basement will house cozy recreation rooms for all residents’ enjoyment. Venture downstairs for a game of pool or table tennis. Kids as well have not been forgotten – an exciting play corner is waiting to be discovered. The building features facilities for bicycle and stroller storage as well as a washroom for bicycle and pet cleaning.

Grand Gonsior represents a unique brand of apartment building, inviting one to discover classic, timeless architecture. If your soul is yearning for something special, this is the right home for you!

Faster buyers still enjoy the opportunity to get a word in on the interior design and apartment layout. Apartment layouts can be customized until May 15 and a selection of interior finishing solutions is available until July 15.

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