Kaamos Ehitus joined an international renewable energy project


On 3 February 2017 Kaamos Ehitus concluded a contract with ICP Solutions OÜ, becoming a participant of an international renewable energy project.

A biogas station will be built in Viljandimaa in cooperation with ICP Solutions OÜ, Põlva Biogaas OÜ and Farmatic Anlagebau GmbH. According to the concept of the project, the ordering company Biometaan OÜ will build a biogas station on the Siimani farm which belongs to Kõo Agro OÜ. This will allow to purify biogas produced from the raw materials supplied from the farm (manure slurry, dry manure and silos from approximately 1800 cows, bulls and young stock), obtaining biomethane from it. According to the plan approximately 1.28 million Nm³ of biomethane containing 95% of methane will be produced annually.

The cost of the entire project is 5.14 million euros, the deadline for its completion is the year 2018, and the ordering company is Biometaan OÜ. The shareholders of Biometaan OÜ include OÜ Järve Kaubanduskeskus (Silikaat Grupp), OÜ Balti Biometaan (project manager) and OÜ Mangeni PM (the owner of the production input products, i.e. the agricultural company which produces dairy products). 45% of the planned investments will be covered by the Environmental Investment Centre. The project will also be funded by LHV Bank.

Construction of civil structures (roads and grounds, equipment foundations, concrete tanks, operating buildings and lines) will be carried out by Kaamos Ehitus. Design and supply of the equipment for production of biogas will be carried out by the German company Farmatic Anlagenbau GmbH, which has already built 2 biogas stations in Estonia. The purification equipment for production of biomethane will be produced and supplied by the company DMT Environmental Technology B.V., which has over 20 years of experience of production of equipment.


A biogas station on picture is located in Germany.  A similar building will be constructed also in Viljandimaa.