Kaamos Timber celebrates its 15th anniversary


In April, Kaamos Timber and its sawmill in Vitebsk that belong to the Kaamos Group turned 15 years old. Over these years, we have grown into a sawmill with considerable capacity, becoming one of the major producers and exporters of sawn timber in Belarus.

Kaamos Timber specializes in the production of sawn softwood timber. We employ 220 people and in terms of finished product volume, we are one of the largest producers of sawn softwood timber in Belarus. We are a considerable partner to the local forestry in sawn log buying. A significant part of the raw material reaches the mill via railroad – ca 400,000 m3 i.e. ca 8000 wagons per year. The volume of road transport increases with each year.

The last year was successful for the company, we crossed the 160,000 m3 limit in sawn timber production volume. We created 55 additional positions and our production volumes grew considerably. 93% of the entire sawmill production is exported. The main markets are Germany, Holland, Belgium, Poland, China, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. We have also started cooperating with Israeli and Japanese markets.

The strategy of Kaamos Timber is ambitious for the coming 5 years. We continue making the production cycles more effective, raising volumes and analyzing new directions.

A great way to celebrate the birthday was by opening a new and innovated saw line that meets the modern technological solutions. “Launching the new saw line allows us to improve the product quality and increase production volumes by nearly 15%. The aim for this year is to produce nearly 200,000 m3 of sawn timber and reach an annual production volume of 250,000 m3 in the coming years,” said Tõnu Bergmann, head of Kaamos Timber.

Clients and partners from all over the world came to Belarus to celebrate the milestone. The entire Kaamos Group personnel from Estonia was also there.