Stage V construction to commence in Hõbemetsa residential district


In February this year, stage V construction will kick off in Hõbemetsa residential district, during which construction of the apartment buildings at Rehe 9 (29 apartments) and Rehe 11 (33 apartments) will be completed. The two complexes constitute the 10th and 11th building in the planned 16-building residential district.

Stage V is in a number of ways significant and novel – completion of the apartment buildings at Rehe 9 and Rehe 11 means that more than half of the apartment buildings in Hõbemetsa residential district are now user-ready. Next to the earlier four-story buildings, the new buildings have five stories. As an update, some of the apartments include facilities for a sauna. The new elegant interior finishing packages were compiled by interior designers Tiiu Saal and Hannelore Kääramees with Arhitect11.

“Buyers have welcomed Hõbemetsa residential district very warmly indeed. Stage IV sales which have been most successful as well attest to this. Construction of the building at Rehe põik 3 will only be finished in August this year but only two apartments are still available for purchase in the building today. People like Hõbemetsa’s privacy and closeness to nature. The residential district has witnessed the emergence of a strong community that holds springtime collective action events and fosters a functional neighborhood watch,” says Ivar Vahter, Development Manager at Kaamos Kinnisvara (Kaamos Real Estate).

Rehe 9 will be completed by the end of 2018 and Rehe 11 in the beginning of 2019.

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Rehe 11 and Rehe 9