Stage VI construction in Hõbemetsa residential district commenced in March


This year’s first spring month saw the commencement of stage VI construction in Hõbemetsa residential district; by the end of stage VI, seven apartment buildings at Rehe 5 and Rehe 7 with a total of 66 apartments will be move-in ready.

The apartment buildings included in this stage constitute the 12th and the 13th building out of a total of 16 buildings planned for the residential district. The five-story apartment buildings benefit from smart design and some of the buildings feature sauna facilities. Each apartment comes with its own balcony, storage, and parking spot. The apartment building at Rehe 7 boasts novel two-level parking, enabled by raised split terrain.

Hõbemetsa residential district combines closeness to nature with privacy, standing a mere stone’s throw away from all required amenities. Owing to the residential district’s versatility, well thought-out design, and vigorous community, Hõbemetsa continues to rank high among home seekers. Half of the apartments in stage V apartment buildings, set to be completed in December 2018, have already been sold. Stage VI buildings at Rehe 5 and Rehe 7 will be ready for new residents by the spring of 2019.

Interior finishings packages were compiled by Arhitect11 interior designers Tiiu Saal and Hannelore Kääramees. A selection of interior finishings packages for stage V and stage VI buildings is available until July 1, 2018.

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