The most state-of-the-art private medicine centre Kotka Tervisemaja is now completed


Kotka Tervisemaja, the most modern private medicine centre in the Baltic States was formally opened on 5 May in Tallinn. Kaamos Ehitus had the great honour and pleasure to serve as the construction partner for this project.

The founder of Kotka Tervisemaja Raul Niine says that the requirements for the health-care services buildings were extremely strict and when one added the restrictions imposed by the old age, the constructors were facing an uphill struggle trying to fit all the necessary systems into the building. ‘Nevertheless, we managed to fulfil all the requirements and needs – this required all parties to work closely together each and every day,’ Niine remarks. He added that taking the easy way out and creating something new is always easier, but at the same time, if you can maintain former value, you shouldn’t become intimidated by the complexity of the construction process and, if possible, strive for maintaining the value of the old building by using new functions.

The CEO of Kaamos Ehitus AS, Alo Nõmmik, finds that reconstructing an old Soviet building is definitely not a common trend; rather, a more optimal solution is to demolish the old and build a new one that is more energy and space efficient. ‘Reconstructing is practical if valuable elements of the building can be preserved,’ Nõmmik says. ‘If the construction of the building complies with the required design solution and functionality of the new building, reconstructing the old one should be considered. If not, it costs less to build a new building from scratch.’

The greatest challenge of reconstructing the old building was how to fit all new and necessary internal utility networks in the existing building. ‘Many designing and construction issues had to be resolved on an ongoing basis so that the new solutions necessary for the health centre would be integrated into the old format,’ the CEO admitted. ‘This required the designer, constructor and customer to work closely together.’

Kotka Tervisemaja is the most state-of-the-art private medicine centre in Estonia and also the only one incorporating a GP centre, specialists, a private hospital with three ORs and a ward section as well as a fully functional diagnostics centre housing the most modern research centre. The centre includes, for instance, the leading Estonian dermatology clinic Niine Nahakliinik, mammography and radiology clinic Mammograaf Radioloogiakliinik, the nominee for the Innovator of the Year Award Sakala Hambaravi (dental clinic), the plastic surgery clinic dr Kullamaa Plastikakirurgiakliinik and the GPs of Kotka Erahaigla and Rosenthal private hospitals.

Kotka Tervisemaja consists of two parts: A and B buildings with the surface area of 4,000 m2; C building with a surface area of approximately 3,500 m2 will be completed in the Q3 of 2017.

In addition to clinics, the C building of Kotka Tervisemaja will include a Selver store to be opened in the Q4 of 2017.